Be amazed

images-1‘Eating well and live healthy is a form of self-respect’

Hope you agree with me and welcome to my website. A site made by a Dutchie in South Africa. Hello world!

My site AmazIemFood all about healthy plant-based food which will make your body and mind happy and fit. With recipes that can be enjoyed by the whole family, explore and be amazed!

As a graduated nutritionist/coach I offer my services in a coaching trajectory to empower you. To inspire you to make healthy changes in your life. Be amazed about the life you gain and get in touch with me for a first consult.

On this blog you will not only find recipes, I will also share my knowledge on the benefits of healthy food for your body. ‘Knowlegde is power’. And in seperate blogs I will keep you informed about the food I like to cook and bake and recent research.

As a mom, I like simple quick healthy recipes which the whole family can enjoy. It is so important to give our little ones the best start regarding to food. This will be fundamental for the rest of their life. As parents we owe it to them to give them a healthy start, so their risk of getting obese, heart diseases or other chronic disease will be low.

I hope my recipes and stories will inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle. You can read more about me and my story here

Most recipes are ones that childeren can eat from around 14 months. However only when the infant had an introduction to most vegetables separately.
The recipes I use are mostly created by others, I’m only a food lover and not specific a recipe creater. Some recipes I gave my personal twist, where possible I will refer to the original recipe.